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The personal archives of Honorable Academician Nikolai Aleksandrovich Morozov (1854 -1946) are in the custody of Archives of RAS. Personal archives of N. A. Morozov (Fund 543) represent 13 inventories containing 5293 files on 135746 sheets of archive documents.

The information resource “Morozov’ s archives” has been developed in Department of Insurance Documentary Fund of Archives of RAS and represents a database describing one of the sections of users fund on microfiches of Archives of RAS – personal archives of Nikolai Aleksandrovich Morozov. The supplement has been developed for navigation and search of the materials for specialists concerned. Such fields as “file number”, “name of file”, “material type”, and “dates of document issue” serve as a guide to a variety of documents and assist in finding sections of interest and ordering copies of documents from fund keepers.

At present the work on digitalization of documents from the personal archives of N. A. Morozov has been completed and all documents containing 165170 files  with a volume of 47.2 Gb are available to users of the portal of the RAS.

The information resource “Morozov’ s archives” has been developed in the Department of Insurance Documentary Fund of the RAS Archives together with the Institute of Problems of Information Science of the RAS.

Nikolai Aleksandrovich Morozov

The name of a member of the “Narodnaya Volya” N.A. Morozov who spent 29 years in solitary confinement in the Schlusselburg fortress and other prisons of the tsar regime went down in the history of Russian revolutionary movement.

An Honorable Academician N. A. Morozov is well known as an original scientist and the author of a great number of works in different fields of natural and social sciences. He is well known as a writer and a poet.

N. A. Morozov was involved in investigations in different fields of Astronomy, Cosmogony, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geophysics and Meteorology, Aeronautics, Aviation, History, Philosophy, Political Economy, Linguistics. He was the author of some widely known autobiographical, memoirs and other literature works.

A remarkable scientific erudition, a wide scope of the basic fields of knowledge and creative inspiration of N. A. Morozov were combined with his original approach to each problem. His encyclopedic erudition, marvelous capacity for work, creative potential made N.A. Morozov an outstanding phenomenon.

Nikolai Aleksandrovich Morozov was born in 1854. It was the period of first steps in steam and electrical technologies and his life came to the end in the epoch of nuclear energy which potential he had predicted earlier than the most of physicists and chemists.

Before 1874 N.A. Morozov led an active life full of scientific investigations. He studied Mathematics and some disciplines that were not included in the curriculum of gymnasia such as Astronomy, Botany, Geology and even Anatomy. He was deeply interested in social policy and was engrossed in books of Nekrasov, Chernyshevskiy, Dobrolyubov and studied the history of the revolutionary movement.

In November 1905 after the revolution N. A. Morozov was released from the prison where he had spent 25 years. That time he devoted his life to science, prepared his written in prison works for publication and published a number of books and articles on different subjects.

Tracing back N.A. Morozov’s scientific activity and keeping in mind that he had no special chemical education and no opportunities to conduct laboratory experiments in his young years it makes everyone admire his deep and multi-sided knowledge in chemical sciences, his creative application of the knowledge and how few mistakes he made. He spent almost 30 years in a solitary confinement without personal contacts with chemists. He had no teachers and no students and had to solve complex tasks without experiments and scientific literature.

The keenness of his thoughts, ideas and prognosis is striking.

Academician I.V. Kurchatov wrote: “modern physics confirmed completely the statement about a complex structure of atoms and interconversion of all chemical elements considered by N.A. Morozov in his monograph “Periodical systems of the matter structure”.

To the end of his life N.A. Morozov was Director of P. F. Lesgaft Institute of Natural Sciences. The Institute conducted investigations in various fields of knowledge the results of which were reflected in the proceedings of the Institute published since 1919 under N. A. Morozov’s editorship. It was P. F. Lesgaft Institute where the work on some problems of space exploitation was started on N. A. Morozov’s initiative.

The principle of integrated studies in science which N. A. Morozov followed all his life was realized not only in the Institute headed by him but in the scientific center organized on his initiative in Settlement of Borok, Yaroslavl district where now the Institute for Biology of Inland Waters and Geophysical Observatory “Borok” are located. This scientific center in N. A. Morozov’s homeland is a merited monument to the outstanding scientist and citizen.

The works by N. A. Morozov are in demand among specialists in many fields of knowledge. His name went down in history of home science and culture and in history of the Russian revolutionary movement.

In one of his poems N. A. Morozov said: ”One is not dead who finds a response in the others, - who lives in our world not only a personal life”. These beautiful words can be attributed to N. A. Morozov himself.

On V. I. Lenin’s initiative “Borok” country estate was transferred to N. A. Morozov for term of life. He was born, lived and passed away in Borok on July 30, 1946 in age of 93. On his grave the monument by a well-known sculptor G. I. Motovilov was erected – the scientist sitting with a book in his hands.

The Museum is organized now in the house where the Honorable Academician lived and worked. The Soviet Government decorated N. A. Morozov with two Orders of Lenin and Order of the Red Banner of Labor. The settlement in Leningrad district not far from the Schlusselburg fortress is named after N. A. Morozov.

Archival materials, memoirs, and surprising findings show brightly great deeds of this outstanding person.
People retain N.A. Morozov in their memory as an outstanding scientist, a man of exceptional moral ability, warm-heartedness and humanity.
Careful and many-sided study of N.A. Morozov’s creative heritage will make his remarkable life, his valuable thoughts and bright ideas the common property of many generations. (Extract from the book “Nikolai Aleksandrovich Morozov (1854-1946)”. “Nauka”M.1981.



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