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NumberNameMaterial type
0001Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Max Wirth “The main ways of national economy”. Cologne, 1856. (Max Wirth "Gmendzige der National ocronomie. Koln 1856").review of the book
0002Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. An article on N. Gorlov’s review of economical statistics of Russia.article
0002аVernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Materials on the economical study of the Volga region “for a detail description of barge hauler industry and collection of full information about wages and trades of a working class in the Volga cities”.materials
0003Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. “About zemstvo banks”. A report at the meeting of farmers in Moscow. A reprint from the Journal “Proceedings of the Imperial Free Economical Society”.presentation
0004Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Lectures on industrial statistics delivered for students of the Technological Institute.lectures
0005Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. “History of systematic statistics”.essay
0006Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. “About statistical committees”.draft
0007Finance law.article
0008Vernadsky V.I., Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. “Political belts (West and East)”.article
0009Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. “Something about agricultural congresses”.article
0010Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. “Means of communication”. (“Roads”, “Canals”).materials of the work
0011Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. “Roman roads”.draft
0012Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich “A program of the trip of an ordinary professor N. Vernadsky”. Note with the plan and objectives of economical survey of Russia in 1856 - 1860.note
0013Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. A note about higher education and institutes of higher education in Russia.note
0014Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Materials on political economy.materials
0015Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Materials on statistics.materials
0016Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Remarks and notes to M. N. Vernadskaya’s translation of the book “Principles of finance” by Joseph
0017Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich.fragments
0018Michel Chevalier. Critique of the book Caers d'rconomie politique by M. Chevalier.short article
0019Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Historical, economical and statistical data on Russian towns and settlements.bibliography, extracts, short articles
0020Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. About Russian towns and settlements - historical, economical and statistical data.bibliography, extracts, short articles
0021Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Historical, economical and statistical data on some states and towns of Europe and America.bibliography, extracts, short articles
0022Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Monthly data on Russian fairs in various regionsinformation
0023Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Description of City of Constantinople and its vicinities.description
0024Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Notebook with scientific and business records.notebook
0025Vernadsky V. I., Academician. Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Notebook with scientific records.notebook
0026Vernadsky V. I. Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Notebook with scientific records (statistical data on some states and countries) etc.notebook
0027Vernadsky V. I., Acad. Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Berlin, Dresden, Prague etc. A notebook with diary notes.notebook
0028Vernadsky V. I., Acad. Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Heidelberg, Tubingen, Stuttgart etc.diary
0029Vernadsky V. I., Acad. Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Paris, Lyons, Aachen etc. Notebook with diary notes.notebook
0030Vernadsky V. I., Acad. Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. London, Amsterdam, Hamburg etc.diary
0031Vernadsky V. I., Acad. Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Bristol, Birmingham etc.diary
0032Vernadsky V. I., Acad. Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, London etc.diary
0033Vernadsky V. I., Acad. Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Notebook with extracts and notes.notebook
0034Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Notebook with records of thoughts and business notes.notebook
0035“To councilor, staff - doctor, attending physician of the Kiev Military Hospital” Vernadsky Vasiliy Ivanovich a decoration for 25 years of his irreproachable service.diploma
0036V. I. Vernadsky’s diploma for the rank of a full member of the Russian Geographic Society. Enclosed: a notification about his election and accompanying official letter.diploma
0037Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Notification of his decoration with the Cavalier Cross of Leopold Order on behalf of Emperor of Austria.notification
0038Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Diploma of an honorary member of the London Statistic Society.diploma
0039Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Diploma of membership of the Free Economic Society.diploma
0040Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Certificates of decoration (with the Order of Anna of the second and first degree and the Order of Vladimir of the first degree).diplomas
0041Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Diploma of membership of the Free Economic Society.diploma
0042Cards of V. I. Vernadsky as a member and life member of the Society for grants to indigent students of the Kharkov
0043Administration of the Society for rendering financial support to officials of City of Kharkov. Letter to Vernadsky I. V. with a request to assume honorary membership of the Society.letter
0044Official list (a copy) about V. I. Vernadsky’s service since 1841 till 1872.list
0045Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Service certificate.certificate
0046Vernadsky Ivan Vasilievich. Notification of his election as a member of the Committee of the Society for the promotion of Russian industry and trade.notification
0047An extract form the register about the marriage of I. V. Vernadsky to A. P. Konstantinovich.extract
0048The deed of purchase of the estate “Staroye Plastikovo”.purchase deed
0049The deed of purchase of 500 dessiatinas of the vacant land bought by M. T. Shigaeva in Morshansk district of Tambov province from A. L. Naryshkin.purchase deed


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