International Cooperation

The Russian Academy of Sciences has managed to maintain considerably high status of the domestic science in international scientific society. Relations with almost all leading countries of Europe, America and Asia are retained and being developed. Now the Academy carries out joint research work within the framework of 70 agreements on cooperation with 48 countries, participates in implementation of 9 intergovernmental agreements, participates in more than 120 international organizations, corresponds with and participates in individual projects of 600 international organizations. Besides, the RAS institutes have signed more than 400 protocols on cooperation with foreign partners. New agreements were signed with leading scientific institutions of USA, Italy, India, and Ecuador thus expanding geography of the Academy’s cooperation.

The RAS international cooperation covers the widest range of challenges facing national basic science, and great attention is paid to global problems of interest for the whole mankind. First of all, it is environment protection including satellite monitoring of the Earth, research of the World Ocean and its resources, deep space phenomena cognition, research of global climate change and ecology of the planet, global natural disasters, control of epidemics and inextirpable diseases, thermonuclear problems, research of superconductivity, ultrahigh and cryogenic temperatures, i.e. every phenomenon that is called as global basic science that shall enable mankind breakthrough into new fields and technologies of the XXI century in the nearest future.

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