Presidents of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the Whole History

Eminent personalities of their time held the position of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences in various years. They were not only internationally recognized scientists. Laurentius Blumentrost – a medicine man – had become the very first person nominated for the position of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Count K.G. Razumovskiy had become the first Russian nominated for the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1748. Persons of various professions headed the Academy: writers, politicians, geographers, geologists, physicists, chemists, mathematicians.

The full list of Presidents of the Russian academy of Sciences for the whole history starting from 1724:

since 07.12.1725until 06.06.1733Blumentrost Lavrentii Lavrent’evich
since 09.08.1733until 23.09.1734Keiserling Hermann Karl von
since 23.09.1734until 27.03.1740Korf Johann Albrecht von
since 24.04.1740until 15.04.1741Brevern Karl von
since 21.05.1746until 15.04.1798Razumovskii Kirill Grigor’evich
since 05.10.1766until 05.12.1774Orlov Vladimir Grigor’evich
since 29.05.1771until 25.10.1773Rzhevskii Aleksei Andreevich
since 01.07.1775until 15.01.1783Domashnev Sergei Gerasimovich
since 24.01.1783until 12.11.1796Dashkova Yekaterina Romanovna
since 12.08.1794until 12.11.1796Bakunin Pavel Petrovich
since 12.11.1796until 08.04.1798Bakunin Pavel Petrovich
since 15.04.1798until 06.02.1803Nikolai Andrei L’vovich (Genrikh Ludvig)
since 14.02.1803until 03.04.1810Novosil’tsov (Novosil’tsev) Nikolai Nikolaevich
since 12.01.1818until 04.09.1855Uvarov Sergei Semionovich
since 26.11.1855until 19.02.1864Bludov Dmitrii Nikolaevich
since 23.02.1864until 25.04.1882Luetke Fiodor Petrovich (Friedrich Benjamin)
since 25.04.1882until 25.04.1889Tolstoi Dmitrii Andreevich
since 03.05.1889until 02.06.1915Grand duke Konstantin Konstantinovich (“KR”)
since 15.05.1917until 15.07.1936Karpinskii Aleksandr Petrovich
since 29.12.1936until 17.07.1945Komarov Vladimir Leontievich
since 17.07.1945until 25.01.1951Vavilov Sergei Ivanovich
since 16.02.1951until 19.05.1961Nesmeianov Aleksandr Nikolaevich
since 19.05.1961until 19.05.1975Keldysh Mstislav Vsevolodovich
since 25.11.1975until 16.10.1986Aleksandrov Anatolii Petrovich
since 16.10.1986until 17.12.1991Marchuk Gurii Ivanovich
since 17.12.1991until 29.05.2013Osipov Yury Sergeevich
since 29.05.2013until 23.03.2017Fortov Vladimir Evgenievich
since 24.03.2017until 26.09.2017Kozlov Valery Vasilievich
since 27.09.2017Сергеев Александр Михайлович

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