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NumberNameMaterial Type
298 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s “Origin and evolution of the life on the Earth” [unfinished]. article 
299 Drafts of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s plan “Resemblance of organisms and deviations” and contents of the article, tables and formulas. tables, formulae, roughs of article 
300 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s sketch “Origin of plants on the Earth and their evolution”. sketch 
301 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Mechanics in biology. Resemblance of organisms and deviations”. article 
302 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Mechanics in biology. Resemblance of organisms and deviations”. article 
303 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Evolution of animals [borrowed from different authors]”. article 
304 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Origin of living substances” [unfinished]. article 
305 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Effect of different gravity on life”. article 
306 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Development of reproductional organs and their phylogenetic succession”. article 
307 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s brief article “[About K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s priority in the method of attaining high temperatures by means of solar rays]”. note 
308 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Mechanism of higher animals and their sensation” [unfinished]. article 
309 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Biology and the man”. article 
310 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Reversibility of biological phenomena”. article 
311 Fragments of K.E. Tsiolkovsky “Chemical formulae of Mendeleev”. extracts 
312 Description of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s construction “The boat” and trial of the boat invented by K.E. Tsiolkovsky. description of construction  
313 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “The second principle of thermodynamics”.  article 
314 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Substance, structure and life of the Earth”. article 
315 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s response “To my kinetic theory of light” to N.A. Morozov’s critical comments on K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Kinetic theory of light”. response to objections 
316 Fragments of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s articles “Human alphabet” on alphabet common to all mankind. fragments of articles 
317 Fragment of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Picture of the Earth and its parts”. extract from article 
318 Tables of K.E. Tsiolkovsky “Technics” [“Steam turbines”. “Windmills”.]. tables 
319 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “From the past of the Earth”. article 
320 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “The earth’s alluvium”. article 
321 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Agricultural works and required engines”. article 
322 Records of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s experiments [Water heating by means of solar energy]. records of experiments 
323 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Bohr’s hypothesis and atomic structure”. article 
324 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article "Solar energy and its application. Energy of solar radiation. [Article 1]". article 
325 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Importance of the basic sciences of the substance”. article 
326 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article "The Earth’s formation: land, atmosphere of plants and animals. [The Earth and its alluvium. The 2nd version]". article 
327 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Solar energy and its application. Arrangement of living quarters in dry and hot desserts [Article 3]”. article 
328 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Solar energy and its application. Simple solar heater and its application for engine, kitchen and other purposes. [Article 4]”. Two versions. article 
329 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Solar radiation and its application. Water in arid and cloudless desserts. [Article 2]”. article 
330 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “The Earth. Part 1. The past of the Earth”. article 
331 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “The Earth. Part 3. The future of the Earth [the man]”. article 
332 Tables of K.E. Tsiolkovsky “The Earth. Fragments and conclusions”. tables 
333 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “The Earth. Part 2. The modern state of the Earth”. article 
334 Fragments from K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Examples of application of my alphabet to the Russian, German, French and English languages [using 27 figures]”. fragments of article 
335 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Reversibility of physical phenomena”. article 
336 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Reversibility of phenomena”. article 
337 A rough of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Monoatomic hydrogen”. draft of article 
338 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Reversibility of chemical phenomena” [unfinished]. article 
339 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “The Earth and its energy” [2 versions]. article 
340 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Properties of the substance”. article 
341 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Elasticity of solids”. Photocopy. article 
342 Description of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s construction “Hearing tube” and picture of a hearing tube. description of construction  
343 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Dirigible and a jet device against the Earth’s catastrophes”. article 
344 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Is the perpetuum mobile possible?”. article 
345 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Battery blast-furnace blower”. article 
346 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Long-range guns”. article 
347 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Talks about the Earth. Explanations”. article 


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