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203 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Dirigible, stratoplane and starship as three stages of great Soviet achievements, as a triumph of industry”. Enclosed are drawings and face-moulds of dirigible models. article, drawings, models 
119 Fragments of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article devoted to space flights. article, fragment 
141 Fragments of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Construction of dirigibles of corrugated metal. Continuation of the work”. article, fragments 
9 The atlas of drawings to K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s report on experiments on air resistance conducted under financial support of the Imperial Academy of Sciences from March 1, 1900 till October 1, 1901 and explanations of the drawings. atlas of drawings 
168 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s calculations “Gas-holder. About the expertise of gas-holder of May 10, 1926” and a draft of the answer to questions about aeronat. calculations, draft of answer 
15 Formulas and calculations of K.E. Tsiolkovsky “New propeller”. calculations, formulae 
30 Calculations and formulas of K.E. Tsiolkovsky about interplanetary communications [“A matter of eternal bliss”]. calculations, formulae 
48 Rough notes of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s calculations and formulas for the work “The rocket. The explosive tube”. calculations, formulae 
137 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s “Calculations and formulae for dirigible tables”. calculations, formulae 
161 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s calculations and formulae “Heating of the dirigible” [experiments on heating]. calculations, formulae 
220 Calculations and formulae of K.E. Tsiolkovsky “Calculations [tables of dirigibles]”. calculations, formulae 
253 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s calculations and formulae “Inertia moments”. calculations, formulae 
157 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s calculations and tables “A brass model” for construction of a brass model of the dirigible. calculations, tables 
151 Formulae for calculation, K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s tables “Moments: 1) of lateral gas pressure; 2) moment of envelope weight; 3) of gas ascensional force”. calculations, tables, formulae 
128 [Chapter “Envelope of wave ” from K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s work “Aerostat and airplane”. chapters, monograph 
126 Contents, some chapters and drawings to K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s work “Aerostat and airplane”. chapters, monograph, contents, drawings 
561 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s comments on the manuscript “New about the nervous system” by B.B. Kazhinsky. comment 
562 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s comments on the manuscript “An experience of the study of the nature mechanism” by S.I. Kvyatkovsky. comment 
563 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s comment “The life in the universe” about the typescript by L.L. Andreenko”. comment 
564 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s comment “An opinion about works and activity of professor Aleksandr Grigorievich Vorobiev”. comment 
565 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s comment “Autobiographical features” [about the book by Ya.I. Perelman]. comment 
7 Copies of drawings to K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s report on experiments on air resistance conducted in 1900-1901 and drawings to the continuation of the report (experiments of 1901 – 1902). copies of drawings 
312 Description of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s construction “The boat” and trial of the boat invented by K.E. Tsiolkovsky. description of construction  
342 Description of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s construction “Hearing tube” and picture of a hearing tube. description of construction  
366 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s description “[Typewriter]” and design drawings of a typewriter. Fragments. description of construction , drawings 
158 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s description [“An iron model”] for persons interested in a dirigible model device. description of device 
145 Description of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s drawings and tables “Metallic dirigible of 1921 [drawings and tables]”. description of drawings and tables 
136 Description of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s slides. “Description of transparency films. K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s metallic dirigible”. description of slides 
155 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s description “The 1st step. Methods of work and appropriate instruments” and tables of dirigible models. description of work  
162 “Description of works on gas aeronautics, conducted by K.E. Tsiolkovsky”. description of work  
165 A set of documents on an expertise of the dirigible model of April 1926, prepared by K.E. Tsiolkovsky “History. 1926.” [letters by K.E. Tsiolkovsky and Ya.A. Rapoport about the expertise]. documents, letters 
55 A sketch by K.E. Tsiolkovsky “Fast train” for the paper “Works on the space rocket”. draft 
96 A sketch of the program of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s work in RNII [Jet Propulsion Scientific and Research Institute]. draft 
400 A draft of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Sequence of laws for societies of different category”. draft 
552 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s sketch ”Subjects of my works”. draft 
560 An outline of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s proposal “A la Chekhov” about publication of popular essays about the cosmos structure. draft 
563а A draft of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s comment “To the paper of Comrade G. Torchinsky”. draft 
39 An outline of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “The plan of “The Rocket”. draft of article 
337 A rough of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Monoatomic hydrogen”. draft of article 
384 A draft of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Adventures of the spirit”. draft of article 
440 A draft of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Does God exist?”. draft of article 
453 A draft of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “Motive power of progress”. draft of article 
49 A draft letter and an article by K.E. Tsiolkovsky “The rocket” for Journal “Ogonek” (“Dot of light”). [The first version]. draft of letter, article 
170 A rough plan of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s work “Proximate letters and works” on dirigible for 1927. draft of plan 
567 Drafts of the works used by K.E. Tsiolkovsky as covers of other his works, notes and articles. drafts 
456 Rough drafts of different articles by K.E. Tsiolkovsky “Grounds for uniting the mankind. To the concept of the God of Christianity. Compromise. Reflections on monism” and additions to earlier papers. drafts of articles 
12 Rough tables for K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s work “Friction”, outlines and insertions for the work “Friction and air resistance”. drafts, drafts of tables 
212 Fragments of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s article “A new project of the small dirigible of 1000-3000 cubic metres”, drawings, tables, face-moulds. drafts, drawings, tables, fragments of article, models 
133 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s drawings of the dirigible and a forming roll”. drawing 
29 Youthful works of K.E. Tsiolkovsky [Some illustration to “Dreams”]. Drawings and their explanations made in February 1923. drawings 


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