Inventory 4

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NumberNameMaterial Type
1 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to Nikolai Dmitrievich Anoshchenko, Deputy Commander of Air Fleet of front-line forces. letter 
2 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Vladimir Vasilievich Assonov, an engineer. letters 
3 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to Mikhail Isaakovich Berestinsky, an editorial staff member of the newspaper “Pravda”. letter 
4 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Vladimir Mikhailovich Vishnev, Chief of the Organizational Department of the Glavvozdukhoflot (Central Administration of the Workers and Peasants Red Air Fleet). letters 
5 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to G. Volpert, an editor of the ONTI [Joint Scientific and Technical Publishing House]. letter 
6 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to Aleksandr Grigorievich Vorobiev, an engineer, lecturer at the Institute of Railroad Engineers. letter 
7 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to Klement Efremovich Voroshilov. letter 
8 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to (Aleksei Maksimovich) Gorky. letter 
9 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to V.G. Gulin. letter 
10 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Nikolai Egorovich Zhukovsky, a professor at the Moscow University. letters 
11 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s to Aleksandr Ivanovich Ivanovsky, a journalist. letter 
12 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Bernard Bernardovich Kazhinsky, an engineer. letters 
13 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Kossakovsky, Chief of the ONTI [Joint Scientific and Technical Publishing House]. letters 
14 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Robert Lademann, an engineer. letters 
15 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Evgeniy Vsevolodovich Latynin, an editor of Gosmashmetizdat (State Publishing House on Mechanical Engineering, Metal Processing and Ferrous Metallurgy) of the ONTI. letters 
16 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to Willy Ley, a writer. letter 
17 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Yakov Isidorovich Perelman, a writer. letters 
18 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to E.L. Porokhovshchikova [a printing house owner]. letter 
19 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Yakov Aizikovich Rapoport. letters 
 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to Aleksandr Vasilievich Assonov, an engineer. letter 
 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to Vasiliy Ivanovich Assonov, a public figure. letter 
20 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to professor Nikolai Alekseevich Rynin. V. 1. letters 
21 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Vladimir Vladimirovich Ryumin, an engineer. letters 
22 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Georgiy Il’ich Solodkov. letters 
23 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to Zalman Gamsheevich Spektor. letter 
24 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Aleksandr Grigorievich Stoletov, a professor at the Moscow University. letters 
25 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Ivan Petrovich Fortikov, Chief of the Organizational-Mass Work Sector of TsGIRD. letters 
26 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to his daughter Lyubov Konstantinovna Tsiolkovskaya. letter 
27 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to Viktor Mikhailovich Chernov. letter 
28 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Chizhevsky Aleksandr Leonidovich. letters 
29 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Aleksandr Borisovich Shershevsky. letters 
30 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to A.Y.Sternfeld. letter 
31 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letters to Sergei Vasilievich Shcherbakov, Chairman of the Nizhni Novgorod circle of physicists and astronomers. letters 
32 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to “Young technicians of Leningrad”. letter 
33 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to unidentified persons. letter 
34 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s remarks on letters of one of his correspondents. letter 
35 Letters of Evgeniy Pavlovich Abazopulo, a staff member of the Ural Mechanical and Machine-Building Institute, to K.E. Tsiolkovsky. letters 
36 Letters of A. Abetsedarsky, a student of Novocherkassk Aeronautical Institute, to K.E. Tsiolkovsky. letters 
37 A letter of K. Ablekov, a mechanic, to K.E. Tsiolkovsky. letter 
38 A letter of A. Abramov, an agricultural mechanic, to K.E. Tsiolkovsky. letter 
39 A letter of L. Avrutis, a second-year student at the Technical School of Precise Mechanic and Electrometric finishing, to K.E. Tsiolkovsky. letter 
 K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s letter to Tadeush Arturovich Bonakhevich, an astronomer, professor of Jagiellonian University. letter 
40 A letter of N. Avseneva, a calculator at Odessa Observatory, to K.E. Tsiolkovsky. letter 
41 B.V. Agafonov’s letters to K.E. Tsiolkovsky. letters 
42 A letter of Stepan Aleksandrovich Aksyunin, an engineer at the NIIVOGVF, to K.E. Tsiolkovsky. letter 
43 I. Aleksandr[ov]’s letters to K.E. Tsiolkovsky. letters 
44 V.A. Aleksandrov’s letters to K.E. Tsiolkovsky. letters 
46 N.K. Aleksandrovich’s letter to K.E. Tsiolkovsky. letter 
47 Ivan Ivanovich Alekseev’s letters to K.E. Tsiolkovsky. letters 
48 Nikolai Ivanovich Albov’s letter to K.E. Tsiolkovsky. letter 


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