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“POISK” (The Search) is Russian weekly newspaper for professionals in the field of science, teaching, IT and managers in the sphere of science and education. The newspaper was founded in 1989 by Russian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Industry, Science & Technology, Ministry of Education. Now its constitutors are Russian Academy of Sciences and “POISK Publishing”.

Being the only one issue of such kind, “POISK” is printing news from research centers and universities situated not only in Russia but all over the world, articles dedicated to actual problems of science & educational community, opinions of authorities in basic and applied science, education and also reports by managers in these fields, stories about scientists and research teams, digest of the most authoritative international science journals.
Besides that “POISK” proposes:

  • information about domestic, foreign and international foundations supporting research and educational projects and also their official announcements;
    conditions for various calls for grants, fellowships;
  • advises how to make grant's proposals and organize activities within project;
  • announcements of financial agencies on R&D tenders, commercial competitions for R&D with participation of state and private companies;
  • information about innovations;
  • information on the subject of electronic libraries, scientific publishing projects;
  • vacancies in R&D and education;
  • announcements of conferences, seminars, workshops;
  • advertising of investigative equipment, computer and telecommunication hardware and software, laboratory materials, special services.

Thanks to wide range of contacts, all the information comes to the newspaper directly from its first sources. It is modified in good time both in hard copy and on our site.

The newspaper has more than 10 000 subscribers.

100% of circulation is distributed among subscribers: 68% - in organizations, 32% - among individuals.

Each personal copy is read, in average, by 3-5 researches.

Each library copy is read by 12-17 scientists. It means that more than a half of Russian actively working scholars, researches, information specialists read “POISK” subscribing individual copy or looking through a newspaper posting by his university, scientific institute, laboratory or company.

More than 40% of “POISK” readers do scientific investigations and are scholars in Russian universities from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Kaliningrad.

40% of the readers work in scientific institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

About 35% are in organizations funded by the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Industry and Energy, Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications, Ministry of Economic Development & Trade, Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency of Atomic Energy, Federal Space Agency, Federal Service of Technological and Atomic Supervision and also in research departments of domestic and foreign companies.

15% of subscribers are governmental, social, private and charity organizations involved in science and education policy making and bear a relation to financing tools of R&D.

70% of our readers have Ph.D., 37% are professors. More than 30% among these people are in charge of scientific groups or occupy administrative positions in organizations of science and education. 20% of the readers are graduate and undergraduate students.
Although the most part of “POISK” circulation is distributed within Russia the newspaper is well-known in other CIS countries. The newspaper has subscribers also in the USA, Europe, Korea and China.

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