Academician Syrovatka Vladimir Ivanovich has 85 years!


The anniversary of Academician Vladimir Ivanovich Syrovatka

Vladimir Syrovatka has been born on October 22, 1931 in village Obolon of the Obolon district of the Poltava region. He graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of the Agriculture in 1956.

He worked as the head of the mechanical workshop, the chief engineer of the Ovadnovskaya MTS (1956-1958), a teacher at the Rozhischensky zoo and veterinary College (1958-1960). He headed all-union Scientific Research Institute for Electrification of Agriculture (VIESH) (1977-1987). Since 1987, he has been working as chief scientific officer and head of the laboratory of the FGBNU "All-Russian Research Institute of Mechanization for Animal Husbandry".

Since 1985, he has become corresponding member of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, since 1990 academician of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, since 2013 academician of the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Specialist in electromechanization of livestock and forage production, machine technologies preparation of mixed fodders.

V.I. Syrovatka is a well-known scientist in the field of mechanization and automation of agriculture. He spent a considerable amount of research into the grain milling process that is one of the most energy-intensive in the production of animal feed. For the first time in our country, methods of speed filming were applied in order to study of the process of crushing and grinding of grain and cereal components in the fluid bed. He also designed energy-efficient mills for grain and non-grain feed ingredients.

Under his leadership, the newest machine feed production technology and a number of mixed fodders machines with high performance were created. Now it is developing a new research for the production of animal feed with high-impact, barothermal processing, granulation and microwave energy.

He directed 35 doctors and candidates of sciences.

He is author of over 260 scientific publications, including 18 monographs; he has about 109 patents for inventions.

He is Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation.

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