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Currently, this section presents the documentary films produced by studio "Science-video".

Almost 20 years ago, in 1991, the Resolution of the two major scientific organizations – the USSR Academy of Sciences and the State Committee on Science and Technology signed by academics G.I. Marchuk and N.P. Laverov established the studio "Science-Video". This organization emerged to highlight and promote the Soviet and world science, as well as for the production of video films about great scientists, whose life and work could serve as a pattern for young people.

From the very beginning it was decided to produce two versions of movies: Russian and English. This immediately advanced the products on the world market. Since that time the studio produced over a hundred of videos. In addition, being aired on the channel "Russia's Universities" within three years, the studio created more than 150 programs on events, problems and interesting fundamental and experimental developments of by that time renamed Russian Academy of Sciences.

Vlasova Ella Pavlovna – the Honored Worker of Culture, a member of the Russian Union of Journalists is the director-general of the studio since 1991 until present time.

Vlasova Ella Pavlovna - Curriculum Vitae

She graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. Her first place of employment was the central television. For 25 years she headed the science department of the popular science and educational programs editorial stuff. Then the presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences appointed her director-general of the "Science-Video" studio. During all this time she perfectly harmonized complicated organizational work with creative.

In her record of service there are more than 200 videos, including a series of "Wings over the Pole" (three flights to the drifting station "North Pole", the first one to the station "North Pole-14"). She combines two very important television professions: journalist and film director.

She produced five videos "Mission to Antarctica" (naturally, with the stay in Antarctica), three videos "The Chronicle of the 7-th voyage" on the work of Russian scientists in the toughest conditions of circumnavigation on board of the vessel "Academic Mstislav Keldysh". She was always interested in the work of scientists in extreme conditions. She has a number of diplomas from international film festivals . She is the Honored Worker of Culture, a member of the Russian Union of Journalists and the International Union of Journalists.

Since 2007 she is the head of experimental laboratory "RAS-Video" of Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information of RAS.