Publications of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Publishing activity improvement is a strategic direction of the RAS development. First of all, it means issuing of scientific magazines in current market environment by means of the International Academic Publishing Company MAIK Nauka/Interperiodika intensive growth and diversification.

According to the structure of founders, the RAS magazines are divided to common academic magazines (published on behalf of and under trademark of the RAS), regional magazines (published on behalf of and under signature of the RAS regional branches), and corporate magazines (published by the RAS institutions under their signature). Common academic magazines are published by the Nauka publishing house (Moscow) and its subsidiaries – publishing companies. 154 magazines are published under the Nauka publishing house trademark including 132 magazines in Moscow and 22 magazines in St. Petersburg. Regional branches of the Academy (Siberian, Ural and Far East) publish more than 20 magazines. About 30 magazines are published by the RAS divisions and/or institutes (sometimes in partnership with third parties).

When formerly the Russian Academy of Sciences had acted as the main founder of magazines, then during several last years specialized and regional branches of the Academy began publishing their own magazines as well as other scientific institutions. The Academy continues to publish a number of magazines jointly with foreign scientific institutions. Majority of academic magazines are simultaneously published in English.

As the result of long-term research performed by collectives of humanitarian institutions of the RAS, in 1991-2001 the Academy published 13 omnibus (academic) editions of literature classicists. Multivolume editions were represented by a number of serious publications.

The publishing repertory is based on series and continuing editions. Eight common academic open series constitute the leading group among these editions. Books published in the framework of these series are approved for printing by interindustry editorial staffs formed by the RAS Scientific and Publishing Council and approved by the RAS Presidium upon advice of the Council. Scientific works are published in all series: Science. World View. Life, Science Classicists, Russian Scientists. Essays, Memoirs, Materials, Scientific Heritage (numbered volumes), Scientific and Biographical Literature, Literature Monuments, Materials on Scientists’ Biobibliographies (including subseries and numbered volumes), Cybernetics: Unlimited Possibilities and Possible Limitations (subseries: Logic and Computer with numbered volumes), Popular Science Literature (including subseries: Human and Environment, Countries and Nations, etc.).

Program of periodic serial publications include dated annals and continuing numbered series.

Non-periodic continuing series are widely presented in the Academy’s publishing repertory.

Works of scientific institutions, news, notes, annals, bulletins, dictionaries, etc. were published formerly and are published today.

Dictionaries constitute a special group among published continuing issues.

Academic libraries and scientific information institutes (VINITI and INION) publish wide spectrum of scientific and informational, bibliographic, abstractive and review publications.

Nauka publishing company of St. Petersburg, Vostochnaya Literatura publishing company, and Siberian publishing company publish a number of popular series.

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