Acting Scientific Systems of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Considerable digital resources have been created and are being developed by organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences. These resources represent scientific publications, databases in various science fields, algorithms and programs, information on structure of departments, on scientific collectives and their research work, etc. The Academy possesses significant technical and informational resources as well as experience and authority in development of telecommunication and information systems.

Information web portal of the Russian Academy of Sciences is intended to combine all these resources into integrated information space as it is necessary for further development of the Russian science.

Web portal of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the unified integrated information space (information infrastructure of fundamental and applied research of the RAS and organizational and administrative events) which is composed of various digital libraries, distributed and local databases, information and computing systems using both individual organization principles and open systems technologies.

The principal feature of integrated resources consists in their distributing character from the one hand and interconnection from the other hand. Possibilities provided in this section are intended for solution of the main task – to ensure control of distributed resources of the RAS.

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