Academician Pokhilenko's Diamond Oscar (2017)
The film is about academician Nikolai Petrovich Pokhilenko.
The Hamburg Reckoning (2016)
To the 100th anniversary of academician Vladislav Voevodskii.
Involvement (2016)
The film about Academician Betelin Vladimir Borisovich
That's what I live by... (2016)
The film is about academician Yurii Natochin.
A star of the first magnitude (2015)
The film about academician Guriy Ivanovich Marchuk.
Anzor Hubutia's Code of Honour (2015)
The film about transplant surgeon , RAMS correspondent member Anzor Khubutia.
The light of Zhores Alferov (2015)
The film is about academician Zhores Ivanovich Alferov.
Nikolai Laverov. The Earth's scientist (2015)
The film is about academician Nikolai Pavlovich Laverov
Legend of the two epochs (2014)
A film about academician Gennadii Viktorovich Sakovich.
The Mysterious Island of Academician Oganesyan (2014)
The film about academician Yuriy Tsolakovitch Oganesyan.
Thermonuclear Velikhov (2014)
The film about academician Velikhov Evgeniy Pavlovich.
Victor Matveev's vector of search (2013)
The film about academician Matveev Victor Anatolyevich.
Man of State (2013)
The film about academician Kokoshin Andrey Afanasyevich.
Vladislav Panchenko Facets of Talent (2013)
The film about academician Panchenko Vladislav Yakovlevich.
My truth (2013)
The film about academician Arbatov Georgiy Arkadyevich.
The past for the present (2013)
The film about academician Chubaryan Aleksandr Oganovich.
The fourth summit of Boris Levin (2013)
The film is about Academician Levin Boris Wulfovich
Mistakes are not an option (2012)
A film about academician Viktor Ivanovich Osipov.
Boris Paton. 50 years at the helm of the NASU (2012)
The film is about president of the NASU, Academician Paton Boris Evgenievich
Two colors of the rainbow - two destinies... (2012)
The film is about Academicians Renad Zinnurovich and Roald Zinnurvich Sagdeev.
A Man of Fire Yakov Savchenko (2012)
The film is about Hero of Socialist Labor , Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR , organizer of production, chemist Yakov Fedorovich Savchenko.
Vladimir Krylov's golden section (2011)
A film about academician Vladimir Viktorovich Krylov.
Mstislav Keldysh: The scale of personality (2011)
To the birth centenary of academician Mstislav keldysh
Years are like birds (2010)
The film is about academician Boris Myasoedov.
Of rest we only dream (2010)
A film about academician Aleksandr Nikolaevich Skrinskii.
Russia's Confucius (2010)
A film about academician Titarenko Mikhail Leontievich.
Dr. Zelman's Phenomenon (2010)
A film about a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Vladimir Zelman.
Life goes on... (2009)
The film about Academician Chereshnev Valery Aleksandrovich.
Academician Aleksey Sisakian (2009)
The film about Academician Aleksey Norairovich Sisakian.
The Good of All: Notwithstanding (2009)
The film about Academician Gennady Vasilievich Osipov
Time to gather stones... (2009)
The film about professor Krivovichev Sergey Vladimirovich.
Thinking forward (2009)
The film about Academician Grigory Grigorievich Deviatyh.
Memoirs of a geologist (2009)
The film about Academician Nikolay Alekseevich Shilo.
Disregard the dates and years... (2009)
The film is about academician Vladimir Petrovich Skulachev.
The ups and downs of fate (2009)
The film about RAS foreign member Helene Carrere d'Encausse (in French)
Under the Sign of the Sun (2009)
The film about Academician Lev Andreevich Artsimovich
The Rector (2009)
The film about Moscow Sate University Rector Academician Viktor Antonovich Sadovnichy.
Serving with his talent... (2009)
The birth centenary of Academician Nikolai Nikolaevich Bogolyubov
Academician Alexander Sheindlin (2008)
The film from "Bright minds of Russia" series
Academician Genrikh Novozhilov (2008)
The film from "Bright minds of Russia" series
Academician Dmitry Rundkvist (2008)
The film about Academician Dmitry Rundkvist.
Academician Yuri Osipian (2008)
The film from "Bright minds of Russia" series
The two ages of academician Valentin Ianin (2008)
The film about academician Valentin Lavrentievich Ianin.
What the forest roars about... (2008)
Academician Aleksandr Isaev. The film from "Bright minds of Russia" series
The man of Space Oleg Gazenko (2008)
The film about Academician Oleg Georgievich Gazenko
Academician Anatoly Panteleevich Derevianko (2007)
The film from "Bright minds of Russia" series
Academician Andrey Vorobiev (2007)
The film about Academician of RAS and RAMS Andrey Ivanovich Vorobiev.
Academician Eugeny Chazov (2007)
The film about Academician of RAS and RAMS Eugeny Ivanovich Chazov
The age of Sisakyan (2007)
A film about academician Norayr Martirosovich Sisakyan.
Russian Wizard Vadim Ivanov (2007)
The film about Academician Vadim Tikhonovich Ivanov
The knight without fear (2007)
Academician Yuri Izrael. The film from "Bright minds of Russia" series.
Academician Mesiats: “To create & to rescue!” (2006)
The film about vice president of russian Academy of sciences Academician Mesiats Gennadiy Andreevich.
President of the Russian academy of sciences Yuri Osipov (2006)
To the 70-th anniversary of President of the Russian academy of sciences Academician Yuri Osipov.
The Strategy of Success (2006)
The film about Academician Yuri Mikhailovich Arsky
The phenomenon of life (2006)
A film about academician Eric Mikhailovich Galimov.
Academician Evgeniy Dianov (2005)
The film about Academician Dianov Evgeniy Mikhailovich.
Academician Fortov's Energy & Energetics (2005)
The film about academician Vladimir Evgenievich Fortov.
Academician Nikolay Enikolopov (2004)
A film about the specialist in the field of kinetics and mechanisms of chemical reactions, Academician Nikolai Enikolopov.
In the name of the future (2004)
Academician Yuri Ovchinnikov
Life for the glory... (2004)
The film about Academician Aleksandrov A.P.
Academician Aleksandr Spirin (2003)
The film about Academician Spirin Aleksandr Sergeevich.
Academician Leonid Brekhovskih (2002)
A film about academician Leonid Maksimovich Brekhovskih.
Academician Mikhail Vinogradov (2002)
To the 75th anniversary of the expert in the field of biological oceanography, Academician Mikhail Vinogradov.
Academician Anatolii Logunov (2001)
The film about academician Anatoly Alekseevich Logunov.
Zhores Alferov's triad (2001)
A film about the academician, Nobel Prize laureate, director of the scientific and educational center of the St. Petersburg A.F. Joffe Institute for research in physics and technology Zhores Ivanovic...
Academician Gurii Marchuk (2000)
To the 75 anniversary of Academician Gurii Ivanovich Marchuk.
Academician Nikolai Kochetkov (2000)
The film from "Bright minds of Russia" series
Academician Nikolai Laverov (2000)
To the 70-th anniversary of Academician Nikolai Petrovich Laverov
Academician Rem Petrov (2000)
To the 70th anniversary of the expert in the field of theoretical and applied problems of immunology, Academician Rem Viktorovich Petrov
Academician Sergei Vonsovskii (2000)
The film about academician Sergei Vasilievich Vonsovskii.
Academician Aleksandr Baev (1998)
The film about academician Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Baev.
Academician Abel Aganbegyan (1997)
The film about academician Abel Gezevich Aganbegyan.
Academician Nikita Moiseev (1997)
To the 80-th anniversary of Academician Moiseev Nikita Nikolaevich.
Academician Nikolai Basov (1997)
To the 75th anniversary of physicist, a specialist in the field of quantum physics, Nikolai Basov
Academician Aleksandr Mikhailovich Prokhorov (1996)
The film about academician Aleksandr Mikhailovich Prokhorov.
Sketches of optimism (1996)
To the 150-th anniversary of I.I. Mechnikov
Academician Petr Kapitsa (1994)
The film about academicain Petr Leonidovich Kapitsa.


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